Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I have decided...I really don't like blogging! Well, maybe that's a stretch...but I am just not very good at it! I don't really feel like anything I have to say is very interesting. In fact, I'm pretty sure this whole thing got started on a dare! Go figure! :) Granted, this blog has served it's purpose and then some, and I am INCREDIBLY grateful for the opportunities it has brought me....but alas...I am still not the blog world's biggest fan! I like reading other people's, but mine....not so much!! So why you may ask am I even posting? Well, as much as I don't appreciate blogging, I also don't like being one of those people with an idle blog that just wastes space on the internet. So...for all those people who don't even read my blog......let's get our fix for the next 6 months shall we!

So....what have I been up to you may ask!

Well...I had some Louisiana family come and we took them to Yellowstone!

:) I really like this picture...even though my face looks kinda weird! This is Jason and I at the Paint Pots.

We also went to the absolute most favorite place on earth!

Just messed around at home...

I guess I became a Boston fan! :)
We went down to the river.....yes....we even fed ducks!

All at Yellowstone! :)
Back in December Jason came for the first time! We did alot of cool stuff then too!!
I became an LSU fan! :)

I absolutely HATE this picture of me.....but it's the only one with both Jason and Caroline in it!

At my violin Christmas Concert

And the rest of my spare time I do a whole lot of nothing! I went to girls camp a couple weeks ago...but I don't have pictures of that yet. And mostly I just do stuff with my take random pictures and post them on a meaningless blog entry! :)
I definately believe in this quote!!!
(Jason and I at the river....I LOVE this picture!)

(do you think we look similar?)

Well....I just liked the "effect" on this one.

Oh...there's a tree....

Kind of random quote I guess.....but I like the weird color effect.

This picture was a total accident! I was looking up at Britt, who was taking a picture, while she held the camera lower. I started laughing at something stupid she said.....and here ya go. A picture I kind of like!

Well, I have honestly had a really interesting 8 months or so since I last posted. Around the last time I posted, I came into contact with my birth dad. That has been a really incredible experience! It has been awesome to get to meet him and all of his family! And within the last week I have also gotten in contact with my birth mother. Both of them have really been a good thing for me. I am really glad to be out of school! But...I miss having something to do! (Obviously! because I get so bored I blog!)
I have decided one of my most favorite "quotes"...or I guess "Carpe Diem" or "sieze the day." So...take that for what it's worth...and have a fantastic day!

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Wilding Family said...

Love it!! Love it!! Keep it up!
Grandma H